Permanent Activities

At kajata, you may participate in one or more of the following ways:

a) Meetings at Kajata. Individuals and small groups may participate. There are several weekly meetings taking place during summer time. Participants usually live in tents. The daily program includes prayer, work, outings and cultural activities. Every day of the week, one particular Christian tradition is introduced. Saturday (Sabbath) we do celebrate together. On Sunday, we split up in small groups and (actively) participate in one or two services in the surrounding towns. We are looking for leaders, for priests and ministers, for serious Christians, who would be able to actively represent their own tradition - next to a spirit of ecumenical openness. We are looking for open, creative, seeking, loving people from any background. We are also looking for craftsmen who would be able to help - as participants of a meeting - with renovation and camp development.

b) Theme Meetings. A theme meeting is dedicated to a certain thematical issue, to a group of people with a common interest. We are looking for all kind of specialists, for people at ease with certain issues, for organisers, realisers of ideas, and for active participants. We would like to extend our ecumenical effort to more and more areas of life and faith, in order to express even better this way of life - the spirit of kajata.

c) Local Groups. Any youth group, prayer and Bible study circle, charity, Christian fellowship, order, organisation etc. may get in touch with kajata. You might have a friend who already is. If not, just watch our newsletter, the kajata herald. Speak with your mates about it, and drop us a line here at Kajata. It may enlarge your group's reach. We encourage you to get involved for unity. On top of your present activities, you may meet - let's say once a month - with groups of other denominations for common activities. We are looking for go-betweens, for group leaders, folks full of ideas, active Christians, herald readers, and - most of all - for prayers.

d) kajata prayers, local or regional meetings. You may organise, as an ecumenical group or together with other communities, weekly or monthly common prayers. You may make use, for example, of your experiences during a kajata retreat, and adapt one of the simple liturgies of Taizé. If you feel "strong" enough, you might even organise a local or regional meeting of kajata friends. We offer help with organisation. We are looking for bold groups and cheerful organisers. We pray the Holy Spirit.

e) kajata as a focus of organisations and spiritual communities. Brother István has already started to collect information on all kinds of organisations, initiatives, communities, local fellowships, orders, charities, and other entities who uplift the teachings of Christ and help people to live their faith. Thus we may help people to get going, to get their mind clear as to what their life calling is concerned. A conversion experience should be followed up by a day-to-day shaping and deepening of faith life. If you stay in touch, you are helping us to direct people of your region towards your group - and you may be joined by new friends soon. Next to this, we might as well help you to get in touch with other organisations and communities in your own or in other countries. To facilitate sharing, one day we'll start an internet database - or join hands with other net projects. Kajata not only is a meeting point of Christian traditons, this also means a spiritual crossroads with a unique, creative potential. We would like to get in touch with other similar projects, if there are any out there. We are looking for a couple of committed computer specialists. As a grass-roots initiative, we are also looking for theologians to assist us in extending that spiritual "world wide web", which is a tool in the hands of the Spirit towards unity. Given the support of a number of dedicated individuals (and institutions?), one day a study center for the Central Eastern European area might be realised.

f) Community of Life (planned). Kajata is a circle of friends, and this is for good. You can't join the club, there are no member fees, you can't donate - except yourself with your own potential. On the other hand, some folks have been enquiring about the possibility to move to Kajata, in a quest for a community of shared life. By now, this seems to be a real perspective - and, given that more and more participants join us at summer meetings, this may turn out to be a practical solution for the growing demands upon organisation. We need to accompany meetings in an adequate way. Perhaps God has already designated people to meet the challenge of their lifes in service. We are looking for decided people with a profession and a calling, active members of a Christian church, who don't mind simplicity and service and who are prepared to foster unity by their prayers and their work. We are looking for model communities, for wisdom and counsel regarding the unique way of kajata, present and future.

g) kajata as a way of life. This one's for you! No matter who you are, no matter where you live, you may take part in kajata, if you share our unwritten rule, our concerns, our way of live. You, too, may be a living message to your environment, to your church and to your people. That message is about true conversion of heart and soul. We want to be ready to meet our Lord and Saviour. We are looking for you, and for daily connection to Heaven.

For more information: kajata herald
For questions&remarks, mail to: kajata@matavnet.hu
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