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This site is outdated, meetings and other activities have been suspended for some time. We hope to resume this at a given time, so God wills. Best regards!

Kajata is a tiny village in the very north-east of Hungary. Our ecumenical group is known by the name of this place. At present, friends live in some 10 countries, mainly Central European ones. Local groups and individuals keep in touch with kajata by the means of the newsletter herald. (For the time being it isn't edited in English regularly.) Brother István from Kajata once wrote a letter to his friends in the English-speaking world. Although it is rather a personal letter, it will also give you an idea of what kajata is all about, and how it came into existence.

We are working (occasionally) on the English section of this web site. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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kajata - why and how?
kajata history

Here you may gain an idea of the scope of our activities. Only regular activities are introduced. Local groups share information as to their own meetings, events and actions. If there is no group yet in your neighbourhood, why won't you contact kajata? You are most welcome to participate! This is an international group, sort of a bridge between east and west, south and north. That is why we would be most pleased to see the small number of friends in the English-speaking world increase, just as well as in Africa, Asia and South America. Groups and individuals are invited to contribute towards the kajata mosaic!

International Meetings at Kajata
"Theme Meetings"
Local Groups
kajata Prayers, Local or Regional Meetings and Events
kajata - Focus of Spiritual Communities and Organisations
Community of Life (planned)
kajata as a way of life

To the herald newsletter

Hopkins on "Population and the Environment"
See also the Index page for actuality and links to Hungary and the world.
That's how our place looks like:
View of the village
View of neighbouring Hollóháza

More sites planned: prayer corner, view of Kajata, links, practical guide for the meetings, project site ...
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