„Behold, the Lamb of God!"

The meaning of the kajata-logo:

P-X  --  greek initials of Christ: „XP"
k  -- in Hungarian: "Krisztusban közösség = kajata"
(Community in Christ=kajata)
greek & latin letters  -- universality

Together with John the Baptist we confess Christ
as the Beginning and the End of our faith.
The Lamb of God carries the sins of this world!

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(This sign is part of Christian heriatage.
It may be freely copied in its present form, first of all by kajata groups - for use at events and within liturgy. In case of publication we would appreciate a copy.)

The k letter stands for our Saviour and for the Church, his bride. k is unique within its fast-moving time. It's dynamic and it's standing still. Firm as a rock it bears with God and with man. It belongs to the community, yet in case of need it may hold its own. k was born into pluralism, it is flexible and truly tolerant. First of all, however, it has learned to listen to the divine Word. It resists the egocentric, suicidal behaviour patterns of its time. It is the parable of a loving Community, of the Family of God.